Dec 3, 2018

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Replacing Your Old Roof? Here’s Where to Begin

Roof replacement is one of the most important home repairs. Although a new roof might not be that glamorous, you eventually understand its importance when a roof fails. An old and worn out roof can allow water to cause severe damage into your home. Basically, a failed roof can be a disaster.

But, replacing a roof is not something that you can just wake up a do. Although roof replacement should not be delayed, it requires careful planning. Once you decide to replace your old roof, here’s where to begin.

Find a Contractor

Just like any other home repair, it’s crucial that you look for a reputable contractor. Check the credentials of the available contractors and their portfolios. If possible, get contacts of the past clients of a contractor. Get in touch with them to find out if they were satisfied with the job done by the contractor. You can also ask neighbours and friends to recommend a roofing contractor. Choose a contractor with the most positive reviews from past clients. Visit Medicine Hat Roofing for more information.

Get Estimates

Roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars. However, the cost of roof replacement depends on the season. Whether a roof is slope or flat will also determine the cost of its replacement. Additionally, the height of a home and other details like architectural flourishes, turrets, skylights, gables, and dormers will increase cost due to the extra labor required. Whether you decide to tear off the old roof or install new roof over an existing roof will also influence cost. Ideally, start by getting estimates from several contractors to know the amount you should budget for your roof replacement project.

Choose Roofing Materials

Many homeowners look at the finished work when choosing their roofing materials. Remember that a roof accounts for about 40% of the curb appeal of a home. Lighter coloured roofing materials keep a roof cooler during summer because they reflect heat from the sun. Dark materials on the other hand absorb heat. It’s therefore crucial that you talk to the contractor that you choose about your choice of roofing materials. Let them guide you to make a more informed choice. Remember that the roofing material that you choose will also influence the cost of your roof replacement project.

Familiarize Yourself with the Roofing Process

You will make better decisions when you are familiar with the roof replacement process. Working with your contractor will also be easier when you know the jargons that are used in the industry. A moderately-sized roofing job takes about 3 to 4 days when done professionally. The process of roofing a building varies depending on the existing roof and the materials chosen for a new roof. Additionally, roofing experts use terms like square and bundles when estimating the roofing job’s materials.

Get Ready

You don’t relax after getting a contractor, estimates, and selecting materials. It’s important that you get ready and be prepared before the roofing contractor arrives. For instance, keep furniture and keepsakes at a protected place to ensure that debris and water won’t damage them in case it rains. Make sure that your valuables are safe and plan to vacate the house for a while to allow roofers time to do their job.

Follow these tips to easily start the process of replacing your old roof.

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